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Dcastle download links updated

June 2, 2010

Yet another dead link was reported by our squad team.


Dcastle (Dreamcast)

Dcastle sources (Dreamcast)

Download….play …modify the sources….recreate the magic. Dreamcast 4ever!


ABA Games rRootage game for Mac OSX x64

February 15, 2010

Just compiled ABA Games rRootage game for Mac OSX 10.6

Download it here.

Basically I just grabbed it from here…and fixed some issues and of course the ppc switches. I just want to share it for OSX 10.6 users. That’s all. Trigger Happy 🙂

Seno DS V0.9.0 (NDS, 2009)

December 23, 2009

I have released V 0.9.0 of my music sequencer, and created a support website at

Seno DS is here….

Fixed Point Math (NDS)

October 23, 2009

I use this fix point C++ class while  developing for the NDS. The class uses NDS native fixed point format – which is used i.e. for the 3d matrix.

There are occasions where I need floats (not for Seno DS I guess)