Seno DS V0.9.1 released

This version should fix the problems some users have starting the sequencer on their homebrew cards.

Download / Changelog


11 Responses to “Seno DS V0.9.1 released”

  1. rarara Says:

    doesn’t work!

  2. n/a Says:

    When I tried this update, all I got were ‘black and white screens’ and the text ‘Please wait…’, it didn’t go any further than that. Since this wasn’t going anywhere, I figured I could try loading it through DSOrganize like I did in the previous version, but I was unable to do that. Because, after the black and white screens and text, I turned off the system and then restarted it, and what I saw, was nothing because my card died. I can’t easily rectify the problem with a new mSD because the card I was using was an AK R.P.G., the NAND was killed (trust me, it’s dead). So, in conclusion, it doesn’t work on the AK R.P.G., because it doesn’t like it.

    • a128user Says:

      Sorry..but this situation you described (from a technical view) is NOT the fault of Seno DS V0.9.1……it must be somethink different.

      That you only see “Please wait…” says somethink….your firmware does not like the arm7/arm9 fifo setup.

      that your firmware/card does not run this homebrew software…and other work fine….well this should make you curious…about the cards homebrew support..

      of course this is frustrating….and I will review my setup code…hard to find a bug when most cards works…thanks for you bug report. good night

  3. n/a Says:

    Hi, just to start off, by no means was I blaming your app for the demise of the NAND on my AK R.P.G.. It was just unfortunate that it had to expire when it did, ’cause I was about to test the update to your app. At least I was able to report a bug! Glad I was able to help while I still had a card, plus, I really enjoyed your app when I was able to try it out with the first version through DSOrganize. SENO DS definitely has a lot of potential to be one of the best homebrew music creation apps, keep up the excellent work!

  4. Bob.D Says:

    This version of Seno Ds, works perfect with my Edge Card, no need to use DSOrganize anymore, Thanks. 🙂

  5. _ Says:

    Hi A128, I would like to see SENO DS work on AceKard’s (and I’m sure others would too), so maybe you could get some help from someone who is familiar with those cards? Normmatt from the AKAIO team might be able to help, you could contact him through his forum ( to request help.? It’s worth a try!A

    • a128user Says:

      Yes…working on Acekards would be great…..but I must admit I have not the time to check every card (even thru a tester) ….and firmware. Sorry.
      I have an idea why it’s not working AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH the filesystem…it seems that currently only AceKards’s does not work.
      I’am pretty sure this will be fixed in the future….on behalf of the firmware developers 🙂

  6. dnz Says:

    hi A128! thanks for the great work! this is fun, only would like to see a save files function and maybe if it’s possible more effects on individual channels!

    other than that, keep up the great work!

    Thanks a lot! + Best

  7. soultron Says:

    Has anyone used this homebrew ap with action replay DSi ?

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