Seno DS V0.9.0 not working on some homebrew cards

While having access to testers  (Thx Alex and Dieter) I discovered that the “it’s not working with my xyz card” problem is not releated to the embedded FS’s a Shared Work Ram allocation bug…only appearing on those cards (r4,acekard etc) WTF?!

A tester verified that using a loader on those cards i.e DSOrganize the bug disappears?! more WTF


4 Responses to “Seno DS V0.9.0 not working on some homebrew cards”

  1. Bob.D Says:

    I ran seno through dsorganize and it Works great, I have a edge card and i really enjoy using seno.
    Thanks you for all your hard work.

  2. Mark Says:

    Wich Version of SenoDS and dsOrganize? I’ve testet it with DSorganize 3.2 and Seno DS V0.9.0. its not working for me.

    • a128user Says:

      please report what card you use…do you mind sending you a test version? welcome to my test team (need your mail) join the forum and I will PM you one at if you like …du kannst mir auch in deutscher sprache antworten that will work ….

  3. pop Says:

    Seno working with R4!
    Thank you!!

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