Seno DS V0.9.0 and nitroFS problems

I released Seno DS, wich uses nitroFs (embedded filesystem). The booting scheme for nitroFS I use  seems not to work for R4/ Cyclo DS / acecard/ Edge card users..arrgh!(“!(§.

Here is a nice discussion about the problems you have as a developer using nitroFS.

nitroFS is not the problem…it’s my startup code…I will try to fix it.

A workaround could be to use this nds homebrew loader from devkitPro. Follow the devkitpro forum

I compiled the homebrew loader…which works fine…but I have to modify Seno DS to work with

1) the normal startup sequence which works for M3 cards..which open the file with a constant FILENAME on a certain location root / and in a folder /nds

2) the extended loading scheme using the homebrew loader…which setups the filename+path to main()


8 Responses to “Seno DS V0.9.0 and nitroFS problems”


    There is no executable DS file in the loader link.
    Must be the wrong link.


    Great if I had a dev kit for every emulator I wanted to play with…
    Isn’t there a compiled version somewhere?

    • a128user Says:

      I will do one….but I have to test the loader …better work on a general fix I still need a tester with a non-M3 card ….

  3. alex Says:

    thanks for all the hard work on this – it looks awesomo!

    getting 2 white screens on R4 card tho..i´m no techie so thats all i can tell u about that


    • a128user Says:

      I have send you a mail…you are my beta tester for those non-m3 cards 🙂 hope you are doing this for me


    Hey! I have a CYCLODS and an original R4.
    I will test on those if you’d like. Just email me!

  5. descargar limewire Says:

    Thanks for this! Ive been looking all over the internet for this.

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