Seno DS V0.9.0 (NDS, 2009)

I have released V 0.9.0 of my music sequencer, and created a support website at

Seno DS is here….


7 Responses to “Seno DS V0.9.0 (NDS, 2009)”

  1. Mark Says:

    Seno DS is not working with edge ds 1.5. on DSlite. I get only a White screen and nothing going on.

  2. Mark Says:

    The edge ds is not working.
    I Think its the DLDI autoPatcher from the Edge Card.
    I’ve no Idee how I can fix this.

  3. Hohoo Says:

    It’s not working with EZFlash V Plus either, even though I’ve patched it.

  4. a128user Says:

    If i can fix this …i don’t know…i like to send a debug version to you guys in one week to test

  5. Plieuw Says:

    also not working om acekard 2i on the dsi.

  6. a128user Says:

    Do not rename the file…

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