Seno DS video (NDS, 2009)

This is a beta version of my music sequencer for Nintendo DS.



9 Responses to “Seno DS video (NDS, 2009)”

  1. _M_ Says:

    Looking really good, can’t wait to try it! For everyone waiting and wanting to try this out, coild you tell us what will be the release date? Once upon a time on this constant-changing-updating-theme blog, there was mention of a possible BETA release, is that still happening? Anyway, like I said before, I can’t wait to try it and keep up the excellent work!

  2. _M_ Says:

    (P.S. In advance, thank you for making this app.)

  3. Antonio Says:

    wow cooooool!!!

    why don’t you release a beta version for us to try 😉

  4. Antonio Says:

    🙂 happy.. Can’t wait to play with a beta version!!! 🙂


    A128 – Where is your email man? Been trying to contact you.
    SenoDS just brings me 2 white screens.
    Loading it from DS ORGANISE doesn’t help either. (Don’t know why it
    would, since when has DS ORGANISE ever been needed to load anything?)

    I have a CycloDS Evolution with latest firmware.

    Please help! Can’t wait to check this software out! Thanks!


    Ammendment – When loading from DS ORGANISE it came to a red
    screen after I let it sit for a very long time. It said the file wasn’t
    on the FS or something.

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