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Racing Fun DS *videos* (NDS, 2009)

July 11, 2009

I posted some videos of a racing game for the Nintendo DS I developed around 2008-2009.

There is no release yet, but a demo video. The game runs in 60 FPS, the video quality is bad because I have a cheapo cam.

Some game elements are inspired by Mario Kart DS.
I will finish this game in a few month.

About “RacingFun DS” :
Meet Smiley and race against 7 karts, driven by a bunch of insane drivers. As Smiley says: “Holy Sphere. They are not from this earth.”. Push them aside during the race. You go for the 1st place, aren’t you?! Go behind a kart and you will receive a speed boost – if you are good at trailing. But remember: You are not the only one heading for the 1st place! The action takes place on your Nintendo DS at full speed (60 fps).
Driving Techniques
By trailing the kart in front you can slipstream and increase
your speed. If done long enough you get the speed boost.
During the trailing you will see a direction arrow behind the kart.
The arrow has the same color like your kart.
You also see this behind your kart, so you know who is behind you.
Note: Before you get the boost the arrow is rotating.

Crashing against Karts from left/right let’s drift the crashed Kart
in the direction the kart is steering. This work if you have higher
speed then the crashed kart, otherwise you will have a drift.
So, this could speedup a kart or slowdown. It just depends on the situation.
Use this with care. The drifting is showed on the road with a translucent bar.

Crashing could delay your race for a while, which lifts the kart into the air.
But you could go for a Crash-Turbo. Press R during the crash sequence and steer to give the kart a new direction. After some moments you start continuing the race with a turbo .